Global Setup


+ Basics

You must be comfortable with Web development and its native languages like HTML and CSS (see our tutorial) , but above all, you need to know JavaScript (see our dedicated website).


+ Environment (basic configuration for Windows/Mac users)

-- Using Vue, Node, JS and NPM.

In order to use Vue, you need two things to start :

* Using an IDE like Visual Studio Code (free and powerful) for your project development. If you are a Mac user, you will need to install Homebrew too.

Node.Js to be installed. You can check your Node version with your Visual Studio Code terminal, by typing this :

node --version

+ Then...

1 -  We will use the latest versions of Node (v18.14.0) and NPM (9.6.4).

2 - Create a folder for your App. on our hard disk.

3 - Install and open Visual Studio Code.

4 - Open Visual Studio Code and open your folder (MENU -- File -- Open Folder) .

5 - Open a terminal (MENU -- Terminal -- New Terminal)...

6 - First, we will install npm :

npm install -g npm

7 -  Then we will install Vue by typing :

npm install vue

8 -  When it's done, install CLI Vue :

npm install --global vue-cli

8 -  We need now to create the project. Let's call it firstproject :

vue init webpack firstproject

9 -  When it's done, you will need to answer to several questions. Answer always Yes, Enter and choose first choice. Wait few minutes and when the process is over, type this :

cd firstproject
npm install
npm run dev

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